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I voted "Sony fan, Nintendo are my #2."
Though I thought about it a bit more afterwards.

Neither my favorite or secondary console is based on first party, but third party games. But while I voted, I thought about Nintendo's 1st party games, and it seemed like a no brainer, since I like those first party games the most.

But... if there was no Playstation, I wouldn't get Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Nier: Automata, Tekken 7, Monster Hunter: World, etc.

But I would be able to get those games on Xbox.
And some of them (FF7, RE2, KH3) are very important must plays for me, before I played them. And after playing Nier: Automata, I know I would not want to miss out on that one either.

So if PS4 didn't exist, and I had to chose another console, it'd be Xbox One this generation.

Last edited by Hiku - on 11 September 2019