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I finished it on easy (because Platinum's normal usually borders on hard mode already) and am most of the way through on normal (not that hard anymore with more than half of the upgrades unlocked).

Negatives on my first playthrough were the uneven pacing where investigation/exploration took up too much time compared to combat, and the lacking camera; I've activated "follow enemy" of the three options in the menu, not sure if the other two would make it any better than it is now. Dodging and combat in general seem off at first, but a few upgrades later you get an actual flow of dodging and counter-attacking that you don't have access to at first. The button config isn't particularly friendly; I am using type C, but it still takes a lot of learning and getting used to all the options you have in combat.

Positives are improved pacing on a second playthrough because the slower parts are faster to get through, the music in general, and a ranking system (disabled on easy difficulty) that allows for S+ despite getting hit. If it weren't for the latter, the game would suck because the camera during combat as well as the variety of enemy combinations make it (near) impossible to never get hit. There are so many ways to earn bonus points that a lot of fighting styles work for S+ (seems like 10,000 points is always the threshold for the highest rank).

There are also post-game missions, so there's more to do than the replaying the regular game for ranks and achievements. The post-game is probably exclusively made up of combat missions and there are a lot of them. Also good: The game has only three difficulty settings, of which only two have rankings; has always been excessive to have four settings. I have yet to try hard mode, but the scoring system makes me feel optimistic that it's feasible to beat this game 100% eventually.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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