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CaptainExplosion said:
curl-6 said:

I know right, in October alone I'll be getting this, Trine 4, Witcher 3, and Luigi's Mansion 3. Probably gonna end up stashing this one for later down the road as I just won't have the time to play all the new games coming out. Switch's Sept-Nov is merciless.

I'm well aware. ;) What I find interesting is that this seems to take more cues from Retro's DKC games than Rare's. Which makes sense, I mean if you're gonna make a 2.5D platformer in 2019, best to take influence from the best of the genre's more recent entries.

I was one of those kinda hoping we'd get a new DKC game for the Switch, but failing that I'll take this as a substitute haha

And if this game is good enough, then Playtonic could find themselves working with Nintendo on a new Donkey Kong Country. :D

*turns head*

What about a crossover ?

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