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Here goes part of my list because of that meddling September !! I hadn't given up on Daemon x Machina for over a year which is incredible ! Now I'll have to change it though ...

1) Luigi's Mansion 3 (NS)
2) Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair (NS) aka DK Tropical Freeze 2 :3
3) SMT V (NS) TGS is coming soon which means another occasion for Atlus to show us what they've been working on during the past year !
4) Shovel Knight : King of Cards (NS) My dandy dad coming in December finally !!
5) The Touryst (NS) Impressive spiritual sucessor to Star Tropics :O

Honorable mention :

- No More Heroes 3
- Another Indie game I saw in the last Indie World ...
- Bayonetta 3 (Until we see more of it)

- Digimon Survive

- BOTW 2, of course

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