Tridrakious said:
twintail said:

uh yes. allow non plus users to have to wait 2 weeks after the release date to play the game. That will surely show their customers what they think of them.

Uh, that's not what I said at all.

Sure, it isn't. However I am merely presenting the reality of the suggestion. With the amount of money Sony puts into SP games (that may lack the infinite replayability of MP games), Sony needs the games to be as perfect as possible upon release (and even before review codes go out). If you consider that this means that their devs continue to work on a game after it has gone gold, in order to get final polish done on the game before release (hence day 1 patches), why would Sony now put at risk release a game that is 'incomplete' for certain users?

That is just bringing up the possibility of bad press, and we all saw what bad press did for DriveClub and The Order 1886. 

Hence, the games wouldn't be given 2 weeks earlier. They would be given on the date they internally would have expected the game to be ready, and then the actual release date for everyone else is in reality a delayed release.

Those 2 weeks are so vital in ensuring that the game is running they way they need it t of for release, that there is no way they will give that up just for their Plus users to have access to their games early (and not complete).

Besides, PS Plus is paying for online access to games, something most of Sony's output this gen have actually lacked.