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mZuzek said:
VAMatt said:

You don't have to be a nice person to want to be in your child's life, and want him in yours.  You just have to not be a scumbag.  

Well, yeah. That was my way of saying "scumbags exist".

Edit: on that matter, I do have a friend whose father rarely ever wants anything to do with, and is instead more focused on hooking up with women 20 years younger than him. Sadly, yes, these people exist.

My uncle is like that he doesn't wanna get married again , He's 56 years old I think and wants women that are physically attrictive which he has 1 girlfriend at the moment I think shes in her 30's  but doesn't want kids,I don't know much of his life besides that he has diabetes type 2 aswell . He doesn't want his kid because he thinks its not his though, her kid looks like his daughter says my mom 

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