Do you guys agree next gen should do this ? For me it's a deal breaker because if let's say sony ported everything from ps4 and I mean EVERYTHING, to PS5 then I'd have a reason to sell my ps4 then upgrade to next gen console and give sony 500 $ instead of waiting for a slim version that cost 200 on black friday in 2024? If Sony had Everything from PS4 be ported earlier I'd sell my PS4 and upgrade to PS5 for older titles especially indies and hidden gems , If Sony does this I'd buy more PS5 games I didn't skip like earlier releases I skipped bloodborne , killzone, uncharted 4 , little big planet ratchet and clank remake,dragon age inquisition, etc which I gotten free on Psplus instead , which in turn could of gotten my money as a customer but I feel like a freeloader getting free games on PS4 I'm also waiting for more Psplus games from 2013-2017, For me not buying older games does feel good though , cant say the same for Xbox one they're free games are always lackluster except this month which gave gears 4 and forza 6 for free but games with gold are usually terrible.

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