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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:
I don't know which is funnier. To see a layman discussing spec, engines, limitations etc against Pemalite or CGI-Quality.
The guy develop assets and is part on game design but would know less about the difference on pixel count, framerate, etc than regular user of VGC.
I do love my 4k on 65" at 5ft from the TV, and I may discuss my impressions (which may be false perception) on the differences, but on technical discussion would be silly stuborness to disprove what is being said (with sources) by CGI.

Who is this layman you speak of? Would you like me to educate them? Also do you know what they do for a living and can you prove otherwise? This might help back up your claim on them.

Glad you like your 4k TV, so do I and I am looking forward to upgrading mine to a 9 series Samsung very soon as well as grabbing a top notch monitor, still deciding on brand choice for the monitor.

Educate who/how and what is it that you do for a living that is relevant to this discussion? :P