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Nintendo - 3DS/Switch. Honestly, could have gone the SNES too but I had to make a clearer choice. 3DS in recent times aglomerated to one of my fav system overall librairy in Nintendo history. It combined the strength of Nintendo 1st Party sellers and a strong Japanese 3rd Party support that showed to me some amazing gems I'll love for the rest of my life ! Switch however, by this year's end will be in it's own category entirely, combining everything I've said previously for the 3DS but with a smidge
more support from western devs and new/experimental/fun to diversify it's already massive librairy.

Sony - PS2, It was my early love childhood system where I discovered FFX. That's enough justification xD

Microsoft - 360 Supported my early teenager phase where I truly needed something to unwind my frustation. In good honesty though, it was my defacto system at that time and I had a ton of fun with my brother on XBLA and COD (or Lego)

Switch Friend Code : 3905-6122-2909