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Cool, you are up to a whole new bunch of great stuff now.
PS4 games will only become cheaper for a good time and most are already very well discounted, so you'll have the chance to pick up a lot of games to play without becoming poor xD

You seem to like RPGs (at least action RPGs) so I would recommend you try some of the Soulsborne games, be it Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro or even Nioh (not from From Software), you may be getting a new love there, seriously, it can simply grow on you absurdly.
Horizon Zero Dawn is also a great game, don't miss it if you can.
If you are into turn based ones you should definitely get Persona 5 too, seriously, it's a must.
Out of the RPGs you should try Uncharted 4, (you can even play 1 to 3 on the PS4 before it too), it's a shorter game but it's remarkably good.
You can try Metal Gear Solid V, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush, and a lot of other games too.
No need to rush, keep your pace, and enjoy yourself.