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alejollorente10 said:
GoOnKid said:

Cool! Try FFXV and REVII if you happen to be a fan of those two series.

Someday I want to play RE VII but I think I want to play RE II Remake before. That game is one of the most wanted to play this year. with DMC V.

As for FF, I think I'm going to play FF VII Remake xD directly

REmake 2 is great from what I've seen/heard. I have it and will play it soon. You should be able to find it on a discount during a PSN sales here and there. 
And yeah, there are a lot of great deals there. I got Guilty Gear Xrd Rev for $9 for example.
Nier: Automata I'd highly recommend. It was such a unique experience, and you can't tell why from looking at trailers. Just make sure to get all the main endings. It's imperative for this game more than any other I've played. (The joke endings are not important though.)

Yeah the PSN store can some times take time to load up for me as well. Not sure why, but usually it runs smoothly.

Last edited by Hiku - on 07 August 2019