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Gaming Discussion - EVO 2019 - View Post

mZuzek said:
Hiku said:

It did. Says Aug 2-4 in the schedule above.
Didn't have a chance to post it yesterday. Sorry about that.

Don't worry about it, I'm just messing with you. Major first days are always magical, I loved watching it - always fun watching noobs vs. noobs and low tiers at majors, and pros vs. noobs is fun too.

Yeah, I've seen some great matches already. And noobs vs pros always reminds me of that one Poongko match.

DeusXmachina said:
Dammit, i missed SC6. I really wanted to see Kayane play.

Always love seeing Kayane play SC, and I didn't even know she played 2B until yesterday, which made her performance even more awesome.

BraLoD said:
Was 200% sure this was a Hiku thread