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The_Liquid_Laser said:
BraLoD said:

Don't worry, PS5 won't struggle.

Stadia is a non factor, Switch (and its sucessor) means nothing to its sales, and PC gaming is also a non factor that has ever been there.

Scarlet/Anaconda will likely the the ones struggling, as PlayStation is by far the stronger brand, but even if XBOX grows back the PS5 will likely not struggle, at all.

So no worries here, it'll be fine.

I think it might even get more one sided with XBOX than it was this gen, actually.

They are setting the PS5 up to be like the PS3, a powerful machine facing tough competition.  It would be insane to expect different results when they are doing the same things all over again.

There is a big difference going on.

With the PS3 Sony made a machine that was so expensive they could not price it competitively.

Back then console were still based around unique structures that would differentiate it internally a lot from the competition, and the one Sony choose was not easy to deal with without a lot of comitiment, which ultimately took too long from most devs.

Now both XBOX and PlayStation have very similar structured consoles with minor differences that set them apart. What we heard from both Sony and then Microsoft is very similar. Both systems are very easily comparable to PCs when conversion is at matter and will use mostly the same components.

There is no PS3 situation anymore. There will be two quite similar consoles with some unique things that make them better/worse than each other and what can weight to any being better is the amount of it they are willing to pack into the console. PS and XB will likely both be priced as $500 at launch.

Aside from the hardware being similar and the pricing being probably the same what will weight the most are the games and Sony has Microsoft completely beat on that.

From my perspective there is no hope for XB4 to beat PS5 unless Sony somehow changes a lot of what they are doing now until launch and decide to not eat the price to make it $500 and release it for $700. Not even with the PS3 they did that, they sold a $800 machine for $600.

Making a strong console doesn't mean making another PS3. The PS4 was stronger than the XBO and has been Sony's second most successful console ever.

Even Microsoft knows they are the ones in quite a disavantage here, while they are buying studios left and right to try to compete with Sony's output as their have lost a lot of traction Sony has used the last two generations perfecting their own to now having a good bunch of the best studios and most successful games out there.

So, unless they really do pull a PS3 here out of the blue in the end of their development cycle for the PS5 there is little chance they will struggle, and honestly the only way they can remotely come close to that is delivering a machine priced too much higher than the one from Microsoft, but I hardly doubt that will be the case, MS is already pushing the $500 mark themselves with the XBO X.

It looks like Sony will be consolidating ever more their dominance in the market to me. I think we might even see MS putting their games on the PS5 as they are starting to do with the Switch.

Only time will tell, you may be right, I may be right, we both may be wrong and Apple/Amazon are coming to dominate the market, or Sega is getting back, who knows. But right now I see no reason to expect the PS5 to struggle, honestly.

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