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HylianSwordsman said:

Sony/Playstation: Hardware First, Software Last

Case in point, the only 1st party software from Sony above 10 million are Gran Turismo 3, 4, and 5, and Uncharted 4, GOW 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn, and the only software for Playstation at all above 10 million are those, some Call of Duty games, some GTA games, some FIFA games, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet consistently, Playstation consoles sell more software than their rivals, have incredible software tie-in ratios, and that's all because they end up with more games, a greater variety of games, all selling pretty well, but usually not Nintendo-first-party well. Did you notice I missed The Last of Us in my list? That's because I'm bringing it up as a separate point. The remastered version outsold the original! The original didn't make 10 million, the remastered is nearly at 12 million. Why? Because the remastered is on the PS4, which outsold the PS3. Indeed, look at that list, and you'll find that the majority of the 10+million sellers are on the PS2 or the PS4, the consoles that after this holiday will be the 1st and 2nd best selling home consoles ever, respectively. Even the PS4 port of GTAV is about to outsell the PS3 port. When Sony consoles sell better, their games just sell better. Sony doesn't need to focus on games, because it just makes a console that's easy to develop for and can run basically anything, and the games just come to it for the most part. So long as the games are all there, and the services needed to play them are good, the people come in droves. Bring the people to the console, and they buy the games and services. That's how Sony does it, and you can't argue with the results.

This strikes me as particularly odd and disingenuous. You list a bunch of PS4 games getting to 10 million but feel the need to not mention TloU but bring it up later as a point of... what exactly? That Sony 1st party games have actually be increasing in popularity over previous gens? Does this not go entirely against your point that software is not a major point for Sony?

You say TloU did better on PS4 because of increase hardware sales, but fail to decline that 1) TLoU PS3 launched a few months before the PS4, 2) TloU remaster (with left behind included) launched a year after the ps3 release, 3) that Sony even identified that many initial PS4 owners were not PS3 users. 

Like, these points are important as to why the PS4 version of TloU is greater, but nonetheless that TLoU is at around 20 million accumulative. 

If you made this point during the PS3 gen I think it would hold some water, but that was when Sony started to kickstart their 1st party output and PS4 is the fruits of their work. 1st party software is arguably synonymous with their brand these days. Horizon 2, UC5, GoW2, SM2, DG2 are all pretty much primed to move PS5 hardware.

The way I see it, hardware and software are, for all 3 brands, tied at this point.