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Snoorlax said:

Hiku said:

When they restart a superhero series, there are certain integral elements to the character that they usually don't want to skip. In those cases it's more about how each iteration of the character deals with it.

This is the third live action iteration of Spiderman that literally explores the same themes as the first but with worse actors and more comedy thats pretty much it.

That men are pigs.

...uhh... Yeah I guess?  even without the sarcasm nobody would get offended by that men don't need to be empowered for the sake of being empowered

There are men with inferiority complexes if they're unable to be the 'strong' one, or the 'provider' etc.
I don't notice 99% of the suspected tinfoil hat cases of 'hidden attempts to empower women' that some people bring up. Which may be odd, considering I've been made painfully aware of the subject thanks to it being brought up in almost every single thread regarding any female character that is more than just average.

I would say that the men who feel their position as a male is diminished by the display of empowered women in popular media (leading more women to look up to them instead of the damsels in distress) are men who need to be empowered for the sake of being empowered. But I digress.

The point was that it's ridiculous to constantly have this brought up, for no apparent reason. And this time it was because MJ was more perceptive than male characters, and about the person she has a crush on.

You're asking a political question that has no answer or particular reason to be suspected in a non-political thread.
That's fine occasionally, but this particular subject is especially rampant in gaming or movie related topics, and is unproductive as it never leads anywhere.

You'd imagine people would get this out of their system the first 500 times they made this accusation/posed this question for a game/movie.
If not, make a thread about it in the politics section please. Try to keep that out of the entertainment sections from now on, unless there's a proper case to be made for it.

Last edited by Hiku - on 21 July 2019