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I wouldn't know because I almost certainly haven't seen any of the worst one's films. However, just going from the poll options and the films of theirs I've seen:

Uwe Boll - Haven't seen any of his films.

Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg - Haven't seen any of their films.

Michael Bay - Has made a couple of decent films. Armageddon was alright back in the day and The Island had its moments too. The Transformers stuff is awful though.

Roland Emmerich - Definitely not him. Stargate is great and gave birth to one of the best sci-fi tv shows of all time. Independence Day is widely liked but has dated badly imo. I enjoyed White House Down. The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 were bad.

Eli Roth - The Hostel films were alright. Death Wish was watchable too. Not seen his others.

M. Night Shyamalan - Definitely not him. The Village is excellent imo. Sixth Sense, Signs, and Split were great. Unbreakable, After Earth and The Happening were all disappointing but not as bad as people make out. The Visit and Lady in the Water were bad though. Obviously been on a long downward trajectory but he has some great films to his name.

Tom Six - Not seen any of his films. Have obviously heard about The Human Centipede but never bothered to watch it.

Paul W.S. Anderson - Event Horizon was a great 90s sci-fi film. I enjoyed most of the Resident Evil films (though they get progressively worse), as well as Alien vs. Predator.

Zack Snyder - I liked his Dawn of the Dead remake, 300 and Sucker Punch were quite visually interesting, and his two Superman films were ok as far as this endless stream of shitty super hero films goes. Watchmen was shit.

So it'd probably be Tom Six, Uwe Boll, or Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg if I'd bothered to watch any of their films. From the directors I've actually seen movies by it's a toss up between Eli Roth and Michael Bay.