haxxiy said:
NightlyPoe said:

You're correct.  This is basically a conspiracy theory more about slamming Disney than investigation.  There are a few superficial similarities and sometime in like the 90s the internet ran with it to the point where it's been treated as an unquestioned fact in many corners.  Thing was, in the 90s and early 00s the internet didn't really have video blasting from every corner, so the conspiracy could be shown via a few pictures.  If the video were widely available the theory falls apart.

Most you can really make an argument for is that Disney lifted a few visuals, but movies do that all the time.


Seems pretty similar to me, there's zero chance at least a significant portion of Disney's animators did not know what they were doing. Tezuka was not exactly unknown, after all.

Inspiration is like Dune -> Star Wars. This is very much lifting and remaking. Of course, there are people who seemingly think, for instance, Sword of Shannara and the first book of Wheel of Time were "original" as well, so yeah.

I'll repeat: The most you can really make an argument for is that Disney lifted a few visuals.

But honestly, I doubt it was much.  Most of that supercut you have, is just that, a supercut.  Scenes are pasted together across several different episodes to build a Lion King scene.  And to pad things out, there's a ton of generic stuff that you would expect two properties with animated lions and other African animals to both share.

I seriously doubt that talented Disney storyboarders spent their time watching 100+ episodes of cheap Japanese animation to piece together visuals for a movie with a completely different story and tone.  And if they did, surely one of the animators or storyboarders would have spilled the beans in the years since even though most are either not with Disney anymore or completely out of the industry by now.  If it's a conspiracy, it's a remarkably closed-lipped one.

And it would be a pointless conspiracy at that.  Movies take inspiration from other movie's visuals all the time.

Also, for what it's worth, Dune is one of Star Wars's lesser inspirations.  The desert planet and the brief mention of "spice" (since excised by the Solo movie) are kinda all that got on screen.  Some of the earlier scripts have a bit more though, particularly Leia's cut Bene Gesserit-lite backstory.  It's not nothing, but it's small in comparison to how much Lucas openly lifted from Kurosawa, Buck Rogers, Lensman, and The Dam Busters.