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I have no answer? because I own WR on sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 some levels, Also Dirty drivin WR(mario kart type),fast and furious arcade WR (cruiz n world type) , Fast and furious super bikes WR (motorcycle cruiz n world version).

And heres my local records not WR but records that smash all the players records in that area? deadstorm pirates(flash gun shooter) I'm 1st place in the leaderboards,tekken 3 (Fighting game) I'm the fastest in down town L.A. ever 1st place. rush 2049(racer) I'm 1st place in hunnington park in L.A. cruizn' world I'm 1st place in Hunnington Park L.A. Super gt scud race I'm 1st place in leaderboards in Vista for beginner day time.I just beat all my friends time in horizon chase in first stage but haven't tried WR yet because I need to grind to upgrade and get car parts but my not upgraded yet car destroyed everyone already on my friends list and thats alot of friends . IDK what I'm strongest at?

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