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Bofferbrauer2 said:
OTBWY said:
Holy shit!!! Switch went super saiyan!

Nope, that's in 2 months... with the Lite models: Yellow (SS 1-3), Turquoise (Super Sayan Blue/SSGSS) and Grey (Ultra Instinct)

Nope. it indeed got into Super Saiyan, but now it is waiting to go Ultra Instinct mode with Lite ^^

KrspaceT said:
Beyond the third party behavior we continue to mock, I wonder if there are still people shouting at how the Switch is doomed or not? I mean if they wanted to they could probably shout 'POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD CONTROVERSY WILL SINK THE SWITCH!' or something

(Worst that will do is basically be the Switch's Age of Ultron, something that does well but with a notable gap of 'what could have been without it' that there is internal reaction and response, FYI)

I don't remember that being the case the Switch finished it's first year. (Or at least the end of the 2nd year calmed those lunatics xP)

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