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Replicant said:
RolStoppable said:

Do you honestly believe that? (Refering to the spoiler text.)

This line of thinking means that if third parties don't come, then there's no money to be made on Switch. We are almost 2.5 years past the Switch's launch and the console has more than proven that it is viable, including being the #1 in the USA in 2018, the main market for AAA third party publishers. However, E3 has already passed and there have not been many game announcements for Switch from those publishers. Are you inclined to draw the conclusion that there's no money to be made on Switch because those third parties won't be putting more content on Switch?

Your sarcastic response to Ganoncrotch's post is a lot closer to the truth than your spoiler text.

What bothers the AAA third party publishers is that Switch shows that a successful game business can be run without lootboxes and all the other bullshit. If they ported their games to Switch with all the bullshit attached, the games would get ignored because there are better games that come without bullshit. If they ported their games to Switch without the bullshit attached, it poses the risk that PS and Xbox gamers would begin to ask the question why all the bullshit is necessary. Switch is a serious threat to the direction that AAA third parties want to push gaming in, and supporting Switch in earnest poses the risk that Switch becomes even more successful than it already is.

Let me get this straight. On one hand, you're saying that publishers are biased against Nintendo because they choose to not port their games to Switch. On the other hand, you're saying that their games would get ignored on Switch because "there are better games".

That's not bias. That's business. Publishers have one goal and that's to make money.

The sentence you highlighted clearly states why the games would get ignored, so it's not rocket science for AAA publishers to figure out what they would have to improve.

Given what your response was, you are either convinced that there is no money to be made on Switch or you hope that you don't have to give a clear answer to that question.

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