COKTOE said:
NightlyPoe said:
Would be nice if Sony evolved up to the mid-90s and made the analog stick the default one of these generations.

Default?! You mean change nothing? Because the PS4 design is the default among default. Sony was the dual analog stick original, which happened after the "mid-90's". The next "innovation" was the Dreamcast "inspired" XB off-center controller from 2001. The actual DC controller was garbage. The GC controller needs a mention for existing... "they basically just stuck a couple of analog sticks to their existing controllers and called it a day". Yeah, because the dual analog setup CHANGED NOTHING. Is that your assessment of the core controller design that has been the industry standard for over 2 decades? Because we all still pine for the days of the superior N64 controller.....Nintendo made a square wheel. Amazing at the time. Then Sony made it circle, and everything since has been a slight variation.

I mean what I said.  Make the analog stick the primary control.

Far from the default, Sony is the only console maker that's had that defect in their controller since 1996.