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More details would be helpful. What's the point you're trying to push? What do you want to discuss?

On the video:
-My favorite part is how the video starts with what looks like a telephone from around the early 1910's. Those good old times of capitalism, like when child labor was a big issue.
-The video seems to be portraying what is probably upper middle class. Just based off the TV, the thermostat, etc. That would basically mean the video is about someone who is basically in the top 20%. Not indicative of the lives of 4 out of 5 Americans.
-On the contrary to the video, very few people are talking about dismissing capitalism as a whole. AOC isn't socialist. She's politically pushing the systems that countries like Norway, Sweden have. Which are all capitalist societies, that just happen to take care of its citizens.
-There is this commonly held belief, that if things are pretty good, that you're not allowed to complain about them. That is problematic. There's nothing wrong with complaining about things, there's nothing wrong about wanting something to improve. If you're scared of change because you know how good things are right now, that's on you. A lot of people would still like to try improving things to be even better.

Overall, it's a video that's made by conservatives for conservatives to laugh about what they think liberals are like. Liberals know and understand that the issues are a lot more complicated than what's being portrayed here, and they understand what liberals actually think.