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thetonestarr said:
I'm definitely interested, but not $25 interested.

Yeah, I'm there too. Not willing to pay that much on this game, at least not in this moment. Had it come out some other time, it might've been a different story, but as things stand, I might not buy it for a few months.

Necrodancer was super cheap, though, so I did buy and play that one. Really fun game, but they went overboard with some of the difficulty and it just got frustrating. Aria's campaign was hell and just when I thought I was through the worst I came across that DLC final boss and, yeah, that didn't happen. It's a shame they didn't let me finish the game on a high note, but at least Cadence of Hyrule shouldn't be like that, as the Zelda brand probably means they have to hold back on the stupidly hard shit.