Wyrdness said:
mZuzek said:

I never had save room bugs in over 15 hours of game time, and I'm pretty sure the game doesn't have hitbox or hit detection issues, although sometimes it can feel that way because of the noticeable input delay. I can understand the loading frustrations, but personally I was never bothered by it outside the library area (it's truly horrendous there) and a couple rooms in the cathedral.

I agree that these things need improving, but the game's been very enjoyable for me even with these issues.

Well I've had a few save room issues and had a number of moments of hitbox and hit detection issues especially in the second boss battle where the issue really turned up for business with attacks going through him causing no damage and some of his attacks hitting behind him with one moment where I got hit and wasn't even in range of the sword and no not the aoe attack either. It would be more enjoyable without these issues plus the counter to that is almost any game can be enjoyable when you look pass the flaws it still doesn't excuse them as we're still paying consumers we should expect many of these issues to be ironed out by launched.

I'm pretty sure whatever hitbox issues you had are in every version, though, because the code stuff feels very much the same across all platforms. I never had an issue with this.

Darwinianevolution said:
I really hope they manage to fix the Switch version, it seems like it's a vastly inferior version in its current state. Also, shame on the review embargo, this stuff should be known ahead of time to allow people to make informed choices.

Eh, no one's entitled to have reviews before a game launches. No one's forcing people to buy something day 1, if they want to make an informed choice they can wait for information to exist. Personally, I bought the game a day before release and by then it was already known that it wasn't a good port. I was informed, and I didn't care.