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PortisheadBiscuit said:
I'm glad for the tariffs, we have been getting screwed by China for several decades. Maybe the big 3 will make there damn systems in the usa,Japan or somewhere else. And let China know they can go straight to hell

Yeah, like it's just that easy. Snap of the finger and suddenly the big 3 can start manufacturing in the U.S. when all their infrastructure is in China -_- 

What sticks out more is the belief that the USA have been screwed over for several decades. Nowhere else in the world are video games so cheap relative to the average disposable income of the population, hence why both multiconsole-ownership and tie ratios are comfortably in first place in a global ranking.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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