vivster said:

I still don't see the issue here. I don't even get why artists need to be forced to state intention. We all know that all big companies are non-committal and lying all the time. Not explaining potential political themes or stances seems extremely inconsequential compared to what other damage they actually do with their lies.

What actual benefit is there for developers to state out loud their political meanings and leanings?

I'm not really sure where I said stated intention is a requirement; interpretation can be left up to the audience and can be further criticized and discussed.  

Well...apparently not everyone.  The two prominent YT channels I bring up extrapolate specific quotes or ideas from said big companies in order to denounce certain game journos.  Seeing these two are what prompted this rebuttal.  

I think there's a miscommunication of where I stand though.  When it comes political themes & stances, it's less about outright stating intent and more about being prepared to defend what you've created.  If games are just like any other art form (which I believe), then games are subject to the same kind of critique & considerations as books, movies, etc.  But there's always been this odd reaction about "keeping politics out of games" whenever more complicated subjects are considered, which I find logically inconsistent.  I hope that elucidates what my approach was in writing this, and am interested to discuss this further.  

Have to run for work now though!

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