curl-6 said:

So is this physical sales only, or is digital included for some but not others?

The latter, and this holds true for all kinds of software rankings that NPD puts out. This ranking was posted by Mat Piscatella on Twitter and the only big third party publisher who doesn't share digital sales data is apparently Bethesda.

Another tidbit of information was that Mortal Kombat 11's sales have been good in April and May, but it hasn't been enough to crack the top 10 LTD with only two months of availability. Although without any kind of numbers attached to these rankings, it's hard to draw many conclusions.

cycycychris said:

No Doom, kind of disappointing. Also surprised at the lack of skyrim, VGC likely over tracked it. But I guess the digital sales might be making the difference.

Doom is another Bethesda game, so an immediate disadvantage for these rankings.

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