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COKTOE said:

Thanks for the info.

@bolded. That sucks man. I hate losing progress. No matter how great/fun the game is, if I'm forced to re-do several hours due to a bug, glitch or act of god, it's no longer fun, and it's no longer a game, it's work. At least that's how I often feel if I try to redo everything again immediately.

Lost 40+ hours in Demon's Souls due to a power surge and it took me over 2 years to go back and start from scratch.

My very first thread here was me having a meltdown about an inFamous plat trophy bug. I had to play through hard mode a second time to get the plat due to an awful oversight from Sucker Punch. If you go into options and choose hard mode at the beginning, you are locked out of the trophy. You have to wait for the game to ask you what difficulty you want to play stupid.

Yeah, that sucks. I was having those thoughts as I pushed through to see if the issue would affect me. As fun as the game is, I'd rather replay it on Hard next time (which you won't have access to until you finish the game it seems) and not redo everything on Normal again.

But luckily, it seems I'm not affected by the problems from this glitch. I managed to get the key item that people reported as the issue.

Unless there's something else as well. But I did notice the glitch yesterday, as it caused several green treasure chests as well as HP/MP/Capacity Max up items to respawn, and some areas I had already visited turned black on my map.

So basically I got a bunch of extra items, but none disappeared.

Last edited by Hiku - on 20 June 2019