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Since the weekly software charts are gone, I am always wondering which games arrived in certain weeks. Especially in weeks with noteworthy hardware jumps, I always asking myself, which titles were released in this specific week.

Maybe it is possible to put a Top 10 Software releases box under the hardware chart with the same calendar date as the hardware chart. This software info box should be updated simultaneously with the hardware chart. The games don't have to be necessarily ranked, since I think we don't have accurate numbers at that time when the hardware charts are being updated. So it's probably a subjective info, but nevertheless helpful in my opinion to get an impression which games maybe helped to push some hardware. Even 5 games would be enough, if it costs too much time to get 10 games figured out.

Perhaps you can also make some kind of a slider/tab in that box so you can switch between weekly upcoming and past software releases.

Thanks for thinking about it.

Last edited by siebensus4 - on 17 June 2019