So most of rumours prior E3 have been about Microsoft Project Scarlett, also called Anaconda, being the most powerful home console to be released for the next generation.

After E3 and some info on Project Scarlett, very similar to what Sony has also revealed a month ago about their upcoming PS5 btw, we are now getting opposite rumours from industry veterans, specifically Andrew Reiner and Colin Moriarty.

Some days ago Andrew hinted the PS5 could be stronger than the XB4 (for the sake of keeping it short), and now Colin has also said the same, but being a lot more strong about it, saying as far as what he heard, the PS5 is definitely more powerful than the XB4.

Take it with all the grains of salt you possible can.


My opinion has been in line with it, I firmly believe the PS5 will be the most powerful console next gen (except possible upgraded versions in the future), but what do you think?

PS: The poll is for you to pick which will be the most powerful home console from next generation between Sony and Microsoft releases (likely the two candidates unless Nintendo has a massive change or some major new player enters the market), regarding their new home consoles likely to be revealed and released until the end of next year.

No future upgraded versions will be counted (like Pro/X).

If a new home console releases with multiple skus simultaneously, the stronger will be the one counted.

Last edited by BraLoD - on 15 June 2019