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We got lot of rumous about it, but specially after that Death Stranding release date reveal we have been getting rumours about TLoU2 being pushed into 2020 and Death Strading taking its place as Sony's big game late this year.

I just came across a video about an interview with Ellie's voice actress where she is casually asked about when the game is releasing, which is followed by another question as there was no real expectation of an answer for that, but surprisingly she was about to answer the question and was interrupted by that following question and held her horse.

The thing is, she was clearly saying F... which very likely points she was about to say February, before interrupted and probably remembering she can't tell it yet.

Here is the video I'm talking about, you only need to watch some few seconds from the beginning because the rest is the video maker commenting about it himself.


Now, what do you think, was she really going to say February? Do you have different expectations?

Personally it sounds likely to me, Sony has been releasing their biggest games earlier in the year, TLoU2 should follow suit.