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Azzanation said:
SpokenTruth said:

Do a Trace Route to Microsoft and look at how many routers a packet traverses, how many different companies it is fed through, and how long it took for that ICMP Echo reply to come back.

Or you can check Azure latency with MS's own tools.

Select the regions you want and it shows you a continuous latency graph. My averages to the closest Azure DC (500 miles away - 1,000 round trip) fluctuated between 55 ms and 140 ms (seeing 101 ms pretty consistently right now).  And I'm using my own data center's network (piped directly onto the Internet with no ISP).  MS can't change that except for building a closer Azure data center.

Oh, and those numbers are again just a basic ICMP echo and reply. No input delay, no game rendering, no video coding, no display delay, etc.... 

Gaming has always been an expensive hobby. Just look at the countries where gaming is the most popular, thats all that needs to matter to be a successful buisness.

USA, Europe, Japan, Australia etc all have what Steaming needs to be successful. The entire world doesn't need state of the art facilities for Streaming to be a thing. If you dont have a average to good internet in 2019+ than there are other issues in life than gaming that needs to be addressed first. 

Did you mean to quote someone else?  That post doesn't make any sense to my post.

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