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It had two games that have the potencial to be my favourite games ever, ffseven remake and cyberpunk 2077. Bronze prize for Ubisoft watch dogs 3. Nintendo was Nintendo showing typical Nintendo frachises that Nintendo fans want só nothing There makes me finally buy a switch. congrats on Pokémon showing, it was great .
Zelda AAA and halo teaser , meh, flagship franshises was meh showing. Teasers dont do it for me anymore, ONLY teaser that was cool was from software and teaser was with information about the game , good information that makes me excited.
Microsoft had the best indies.
Bethesda was simply fucking Trash, waste of space , shove your medicre shit full of microtransactions and stuff that fucks consumers and your shit mobile games right up your fucking ass. Worst fucking company fulll of bullshit and fake fans screaming at the worst fucking conferência ever.
If There is games i want to play i consider it Nice. No PlayStation hurted it a lot, só i give it a Seven just because cyberpunk and ff7