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Mr Puggsly said:
SpokenTruth said:
Why does it feel like some of you are pained by the notion that Nintendo Switch owners will get to play one of your sacred games?

Instead of - "Cool. Hope you guys enjoy it like we did".

We get - "I want it to be unplayable so bad I will spin a video about a potential version of said game just so I can indirectly mock your console".

This is the internet, get used to it.

We just went through an entire gen of people mocking X1 ports primarily for being less crisp than PS4 games. It only slowed down because X1X became the best port box and Switch has last gen era visuals in their ports.

Personally, I think these Switch ports are often an eyesore. I think its funny Nintendo fans get excited about them when you can play much better versions on other consoles. But whatever, I enjoy seeing what developers are accomplishing on limited specs. If you play games a lot away from home, then getting excited about Switch ports makes sense to me.

Portability and a clear preference for Nintendo games as a primary system.

Can they play said games on something more powerful?  Yes.  Can PS4 base and Xbox One gamers play said games on something more powerful? Yes. Can PS4 Pro and X1X gamers play said games on something more powerful?  Yes.  So this asinine hate simply because it doesn't look as good as when you played it on your device is stupid. 

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