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DonFerrari said:

So we have that Scarlet (probably Anaconda version) to be 4x more powerful than X1X, but for some reason a lot of people in VGC say it is impossible PS5 would be 2x more powerful than X1X. Seems like may are in for a surprise.

Who said it would be impossible for PS5 to be 2x more "powerful" than X1X?I think there's confusion in what was being referred to. Many people don't seem to understand that TFLOPS are not the be all and end all of performance calculation. So some people might be saying 12 TFLOPS are not possible in a console GPU in 2020. I'm not saying they're right or wrong, but that might be what they're trying to communicate but not understanding that a 12 TFLOPS GPU can be more than 2x more powerful than the X1X's GPU by being more efficient in some ways. It could event be less than 2x more powerful if something has gone horribly wrong with the design. lol

Even with Scarlet, saying it's 4x more "powerful" than X1X doesn't say much. 4x more powerful in what way? It's not suddenly going to be a 24 TFLOP GPU. It could be 4x more powerful at certain workloads. They could be talking about the CPU which wouldn't be hard to achieve going from 8 core Jaguar to 8 core Zen 2.

All in all, the ratio specs MS listed off in their promo video mean little. And did anyone else notice the flub about "the SSD working with the Solid State Disk drive" from the one guy? That was cringey.