curl-6 said:
PAOerfulone said:

Yes, because the mindset and mentality behind developing DLC expansion packs is totally the same as that of developing a brand new game. 

That's just the thing, if its the same map, will it even feel like a new game, or just BOTW DLC Pack 3, just at $60?

A Link Between Worlds certainly didn't feel like a $40 DLC Pack, and that game uses the exact same map, almost 1:1, note for note, as A Link to the Past. But it was still a fantastic game that did enough to stand out on its own with kinks and things like the wall-merging and item renting mechanics which opened up all kinds of new possibilities for puzzle-solving, exploration, dungeon design, speed-running, and nonlinear gameplay that weren't possible in A Link to the Past. 

They pulled it off before, they can most certainly do it again.

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