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Mar1217 said:
mZuzek said:
I swear it's gonna be 2033 and people will still be predicting Mario Odyssey DLC to come out.

Reminds me when people wouldn't stop predicting Galaxy 3

I mean, that's not too likely either, but at least it's a new game people are hoping for, there's always a chance Nintendo would just randomly decide to do another Galaxy sequel when making a new Mario game. DLC's, though, usually are announced up to a certain amount of time after a game's release, and I'm pretty sure that time is normally a lot shorter than 20 months. But, to each their own, I suppose.

I'm not a bingo guy, but I'm predicting

- Animal Crossing trailer and release date (December 6th), they spend some serious time on this one
- Luigi's Mansion 3 trailer and release window (Spring 2020)
- Pokémon Sword & Shield talk including everything we heard about in the Pokémon Direct and nothing new
- second Astral Chain trailer, delayed to November 1st
- Pikmin 4 teaser in the style of the Metroid Prime 4 one
- Bayonetta 3 mini-trailer a la 2014 BotW trailer. Ends with vague "2020" which will become 2021 by next year's E3.
- Indie game reel, ending with a slightly more in-depth Silksong trailer
- 3rd party games reel
- Some random new 3rd party collaboration exclusive will be announced for release in Spring 2020
- Launch trailer for Super Mario Maker 2
- "Speaking of games about making things", starts talking about that new Minecraft stuff
- Steve is the second DLC character for Smash, will be available TONIGHT

And that'll be it.

Edit: well, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 somewhere in there, I suppose.