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Astral Chain is awesome ! (New Trailer) Mario Kart 9  SMT V new trailer with gameplay/story trailer New Punch-Out ! Monolith Soft teaser for new IP
Fire Emblem Three Houses is not delayed further Ubisoft x Nintendo partnership Eldrick (Dragon Quest) is the new Smash DLC fighter. Bandana Waddle Dee is the new Smash DLC fighter New UNEXPECTED 3rd party exclusive game
Cadence of Hyrule is now available on the Eshop ! New IP by core Nintendo studio Doug Bowser will appear (Free space) Animal Crossing gets shown (and people finally shut up about it) Another theme gets revealed for Super Mario Maker 2
New Xenoblade game is announced (Probably XCX2) Zelda Link's Awakening trailer with stuff not in both original releases Kirby gets a brand new spin-off game (RPG plz ?) Ori & the blind forest port confirmed X-Cloud announced for Switch
Retro Studio reveals a new IP (Or a Star Fox racing game) New Mario Golf game by Camelot Daemon x Machina update gameplay trailer Luigi's Mansion gets further showing Pikmin 4
Banjo is not happening 3:)

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