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Double standards for police officers is a separate matter that can be discussed at length. But it shouldn't be used as an argument for the potential punishment of this particular officer.
If this officer wrongfully shot someone, then they should rightfully be held responsible for it.

That said, I feel like police officers in USA are way too trigger happy, and are either taught to, or the type of people who, shoot first and ask later.
They should never apply to become police officers in the first place.

Dark_Lord_2008 said:

Mohamed Noor is an African born policeman and he made a terrible mistake and shot first. A white woman was accidentally killed by Noor's actions. If this was a white cop, he would walk free and celebrated as having done his job and shot them before he got shot. This is a travesty of justice and my heart goes out to Noor and his family and he should walk free now. America we have a Civil rights issue here. African Americans you must stand up and make noise over these type of issues it is wrong and is blatant racism. 

It is a case of kill or be killed. Noor instinctively reacted as typical of policeman to a threat that he believed was a threat to his life and his partner's life and shot first. I understand a life was lost and that is tragic but in split second decisions, cops do not have time to think about it being unarmed person or  whatever it is kill or be killed.

What are you thoughts on Mohamed Noor's case?

Please provide a link to an article or some source for this story so people can get familiarized with the case.
And edit it into your opening post.

Last edited by Hiku - on 10 June 2019