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In an attempt to keep the e3 official threads easier to find, we have decided to make a hub thread that will easily link you guys to basic info and links to official conference threads and prediction threads. I'll update with links to the conferences in case they do not have an official thread for that conference or if you just want easy access to all of the conferences in one place. If you would like to create your own thread for a topic and want me to showcase it, please let me know and I'll add you to the list. More contact and links will be added over the next few days as E3 approaches. 

The times of each conference (yes, it does include Google since they are entering the gaming market.)

E3 2019 Schedule Overview

  • June 6, 9 AM PT -- Google Stadia Connect
  • June 8, 9:15 AM PT -- EA Play Livestreams
  • June 8 -- Nintendo Invitational Tournaments
  • June 9, 1 PM PT -- Microsoft Press Conference
  • June 9, 5:30 PM PT -- Bethesda Press Conference
  • June 9, 7 PM PT -- Devolver Press Conference
  • June 10, 10 AM PT -- PC Gaming Show
  • June 10, 12 PM PT -- Limited Run Games Press Conference
  • June 10, 1 PM PT -- Ubisoft Press Conference
  • June 10, 4:30 PM PT -- Kinda Funny Showcase
  • June 10, 6 PM PT -- Square Enix Press Conference
  • June 11, 9 AM PT -- Nintendo Direct Showcase
  • June 11-13 -- E3 Show Floor Open

Prediction/Expectation Threads
Nintendo E3 Predictions
What are your E3 Expectations?

E3 Presentation threads
Official Microsoft E3 Thread
Official Nintendo E3 Thread
Google Stadia Thread
EA trailers thread
Bethesda Conference Thread

As of right now, Nintendo and Square Enix are the only other threads that I know of that have been claimed (though as of right now, I don't have a link for those), if you would like to be added to the list, please let me know and I'll add your thread to the OP. 

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