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mZuzek said:

Hmm... yeah, okay.

Good night.

The truth hurts.  If you had a valid counter argument then you would have stated it.  Movies are in a sad state right now and there is no denying it.  As for Godzilla I had some fun watching old movies mainly to make fun of them but they were never ground breaking.  They are kind of like Rampage.  Mediocre video game but with grinding that comes addicting till about the same stage 100 times into game.  You just keep playing because there is nothing else better to do with your time.  Let me know when hollywood actually puts out a movie worth seeing because your talking to someone that thinks even new Star Wars movies are stupid.  Give me something like The Departed or Netflix show Peaky Blinders then I'm interested.  You see why Hollywood gave up?  Rather than try live up to high standards they cater to lowest common denominator.  That's why terrible movies exist because there are terrible people.

Nah, dude, I didn't try arguing against you because the way your point came across was so closed off and aggressive I just thought it wasn't worth it. And it was past 4 AM at the time, so, good night was definitely the right decision. Nothing hurt, because you didn't say the truth, you just spewed bullcrap.

I think the new Star Wars movies are stupid, too, with the exception of Rogue One. Disney sure made me stop caring about that franchise. Of course, it's not just Star Wars - studios everywhere are making safe, cookie-cutter, committee made films that feel like they have to go through a checklist of what a modern day blockbuster must have... but this has always existed. Jurassic Park was a generic blockbuster. Aliens was a generic blockbuster. And as far as generic blockbusters go, there have always been better ones and worse ones, but they've always existed.

It wouldn't take much for one to figure out that my favorite movie is a CGI filled superhero film "made for people with one brain cell", so I'm assuming your big brain already knows, and that just made your whole approach even worse. How did you expect me to even take your point seriously in the first place? I wasn't just gonna get all defensive about it because you attacked, quitting was always the better choice. But there's an undeniable reality here, that these superhero movies have done an amazing job of worldbuilding and character development, and mostly everyone watches them for the plot and characters at this point. In fact, Avengers: Endgame, which you must think so lowly of, spends the vast majority of its 3-hour running time not on special effects heavy CGI battles, but on character moments defined by their personalities. It's no coincidence most of these movies are received so well by critics, fans, and general audiences - they are good, very good, and that's simply the truth. If anyone's hurting here, it's you, and I'm sorry for that.

Good morning.