Dulfite said:
Here's my take. It will only be temporary, and China cannot win a trade war with the U.S. so they will eventually break and then prices will be lower again and the U.S. will reap the benefits of having done it in the first place by having American made products purchased more because the tarrifs increase the cost of foreign imports and make them less of a steal. We import far more from China than they import from us, so they cannot win this fight. It's just a matter of time.

China will easily destroy us in a trade war.  We are losing on three fronts.

First: China isn't paying the cost of the Tarrifs the US is. So the US is spending a ton of money paying the US to import items. A net loss for companies.

Second: The farmers are taking a massive beating which is why Trump keeps passing these bills to give them money. Which is why he just gave 16 billion to them. A massive net loss.

Three: The tax reform bill blew a MASSIVE hole in our budget and our deficit.  Meaning we have a lot less money.  Specially considering we have to keep bailing out the farmers.

That is why trump is desperately resorting to other things that aren't part of the trade war. Like banning Huawei.. then suggesting it would be part of the bartering process to unban it.

Which is awkward because how can you go from "Huawei is something that's very dangerous" to "It's possible that Huawei even would be included in some kind of trade dea" unless you are hopelessly, desperately, pathetically losing a massive trade war.

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