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I was shocked to know that Minecraft sold an extra 20 million more in last 7 months for a very old game . This game sells beyond crazy . Now with GTA 5 I'm gonna make a guess it sold 4 million in 7 months ? If we do the math minecraft sold 16 million more. Microsoft did the greatest purchase in games history and mojang costed 2.4 billion . I wonder what other purchases can be made this good for a low 2 billion ? BTW, Switch version costed 30 and PS4/One 20 . GTA 5 premium edition cost 30 

Edit: Does anyone Know the sales for GTA 5 for 2018?

Edit 2: I've been drinking beer . Yes , I was drunk in the morning :(

Last edited by dx11332sega - on 21 May 2019

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