KiigelHeart said:
John2290 said:

Oh bugger off with your entitlement argument, I am entitled to shit on this as much as it has shit on me and as much as you are entitled to defend it and enjoy it. 

Yeah but in this case it's about calling out the ridiculousness of this petition, not defending the show.

What is ridiculous about the petition?

There is a saying:

"If you don't demand better, you deserve trash."

Luckily even critics who have to take into account the stunning visual effects and acting performances are sending a clear message about the writing.

There may be some signs of denial showing at The Long (Short) Night. Some probably thought it would still work out, or that there was more to the Whitewalker story that would be explained later. But then reality hit them hard like one of Euron's invisible bending arrows.

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