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Frostbite Engine sounds particularly bad.

vivster said:

The whole premise of the thread is bad. Engines are nothing more than tools. Every major engine can do things well if the programmers are skilled enough and smart enough to use the engines for genres they are built for.

I mean I could say I hate Unity because there are people out there using it for visual novels instead of Renpy, but that's hardly Unity's fault. There are some great Unity games out there. That's like saying I hate hammers because someone hit me with one once.

I do like Renpy btw. It can be quite simple but also amazingly complex. Even in its default settings it produces proper results. But I'm sure if done right almost every engine could produce something similar, probably not as conveniently though.

Mostly agree.  Kind of don't.  

I agree because a developer can usually modify a game engine.  Game engines themselves don't usually limit the developer from having a certain look/feel, so in theory it doesn't really make sense to ask consumers what they think of a game engine.

On the other hand, developers might limit themselves to features already present in a game engine, so it is possible that users could tell what game engine is being used based off that.  

It is possible to have a bad set of tools.  It sounded like the Frostbite Engine wasn't particularly flexible and any feature had to be implemented by some other team.