Chart time!

The PS4 and XBO both have their worst April performances to date. The XBO was actually only down 3.6% from the previous worst April for the system (2017), probably due to the hardware deals last month. Meanwhile the PS4 sold about 15% fewer units this April than in its previous worst April (2015); it is still worth mentioning that the massive drop from last April was because last April had God of War. Still, both systems are continuing their post-peak decline, with both having their worst Jan.-April showings to date.

The Switch is continuing its hot streak, having continued sales growth over last year despite no price cuts and no new hardware models. It is so far up 29.4% from last year for the Jan.-April period, a slight improvement as Q1 was up only (28.6%). April by itself saw a YoY increase of 32.7%, the best of any month this year to date. In fact, while it was once running about on par with the PS4, it is now outpacing the PS4. If it keeps this up, and gets a huge boost from Pokemon Sword & Shield, we could see well over 7 million units sold this year, possibly close to 8M. The last time any console sold over 7M units in a single year was the 360's performance in 2011. If the Switch can manage at least 7.3M units this year, it would be the fourth-best year for any home console in the U.S. for the past four generations. For reference, the current Top 5 years are:

Wii (2008): 10.17M
Wii (2009): 9.59M
PS2 (2002): 8.58M
360 (2011): 7.28M
PS1 (1998): 7.11M

It's possible, perhaps likely, that NES may have sold more than 7M units in the U.S. in a single year, and may have done so more than once (probably in 1989, maybe also in '88 & '90), but with no clear sales data (only shipments to "The Americas" region) it's impossible to know exactly how much it sold.

7+ million would be well ahead of the current record-holder for the current generation, which is the PS4, which sold 5.74M in 2015 thanks mainly to a strong holiday season showing that year. However, if we include handhelds it would be well behind the DS, which smashed all sorts of records, including a stellar 2009 where it sold nearly 11.2M units, including over a million alone in April (the DSi's launch month), making it the only system to make a seven-digit sales figure in a non-holiday month. Still, comparing anything to the DS is kind of an unfair comparison, and by all objective standards the Switch is one of Nintendo's most successful systems.

More charts to come later.