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Cerebralbore101 said:
RolStoppable said:
It offers more games than the SNES Mini, but not better games. Most titles are heavily outclassed by their SNES counterparts

Yeah, that's always been the issue with Genesis vs SNES. A single SNES game can be as much fun as three Genesis games. For example: Super Mario World's 72 levels  is more levels than all four Sonic games combined. 

I still think Genesis Mini will be a better Mini console, because it isn't really missing anything, while other mini-consoles have come up short in the past. IMO a mini-console should have every classic game for the system included in it. If I were doing a mini-console I'd expand the list to 60 games, just to make sure nothing was missed and everyone were happy. Besides it's not like these games had large file sizes or anything. 

More levels doesn't mean more fun or better.

Kid Chameleon had a hundred+ levels and I would get SMW over it.

I also would get Sonic 2 over SMW any day.