I found a way to balance twitter anger and hate fuel. I simply started following certain accounts that post titty gifs. This is the cure folks, the cure to that feeling of anger on social media, tits! [Edit: Unfortunately there is no penis version of this for females and gay folk, I checked for the purpose of this thread but there is shirtless men]

I don't want the thread in NSFW so I've removed a link but just imagine some titties dropping here, a whole account of post where women submit gifs of them lifting their shirts and letting them puppies drop. 

Take multiple accounts like this so that you get at least one titty flash per 10 part political tweetage, add more if you scroll threads or as needed. You will find your symptoms start to clear as soon as you achieve the dose that is right for your twitter needs and you'll smile and be happier throughout the day. I am not liable for embarrasment or erectile dysfunction caused by the above advice.

Honestly people, this has been an absolute godsend and I am trying to find ways to implement it into other social media without embarassment and on the sly. Even blocking political accounts outright did not have such a great effect as everyone seems to be political. 

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China Numba wan!!