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John2290 said:

The critics are mostly negative about the AI, stealth and repetitive nature (drags a bit for a short game) and short duration but praising the story and presentation, voice work and stuff along those lines although I have seen some reviewers praise the stealth for being true to the themes and the short length as refreshing.

Downloading now, hoping for the best and my expectations are only for the story and production value, I can get over the gameplay as long as it is serviceable.

Gameplay is serviceable, because what I expect from most people that enjoy these driven games is to be connected with the characters. Yeah, some things are giveaways to Asobo's mid-tier status, but once you look beyond that, you appreciate what you're getting, which is wrapped in near AAA production values and an extremely solid foundation. 

In my eyes, they meet Ninja Theory in regards to character/world building.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 20 May 2019