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John2290 said:
CGI-Quality said:

Oh, I agree entirely. Although the inspiration is there, A Plague does several things that those games don't and I'm happy for it. No one should walk into it expect a clone of any of those games.

Frankly, it's one of those games I wish was a PC-only title that took advantage of more PC-specific things, but you know, another topic for another day...

I cna't find it now but I'm positive the studio said that it would blend the best action and puzzles of those genres with narrative epicness or something along those lines, I'm paraphrasing. I would have boughtit day one had reviewers not conflicted with this as it caused me some suspicion. 

Detroit Become Human was one of my favourite games of last year and yout thread on it was the catalyst for my purchase, so obviously  gameplay is not a necessity. I re read the thread and went ahead and bought it on your recommendation, I trust your opinions on games even though you seem to be hostile to mine. 

Peace and thanks for tip. 

Sorry you think me being straight with you is hostility. I’m saying temper expectations and review what the team promised. Similarities to other games is what you will get, while getting stuff the other games did not offer. But, don’t walk into it expecting A LoU/God of War clone. 

To better understand your hold back, what were some things reviewers said?

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 18 May 2019